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Chit Tat Electrical Engineering Limited

Chit Tat Electrical Engineering Limited (“Chit Tat”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Accel Group Holdings Limited, has been based in Hong Kong for nearly 30 years. Our major business is to provide high-quality electrical and mechanical engineering services for property developers and architectural firms throughout Hong Kong, including the installation of air-conditioning system, drainage system, water supply, swimming pool and fountain system, power supply and control system as well as intelligent building engineering, etc. The Company, in particular, well performed in air-conditioning sector, and being one of the leading companies in E&M industry.




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Accel Green Building Limited

Accel Green Building Limited (“AGB”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Accel Group Holdings Limited, was established in recent years in order to support the development of the Group's green building business. AGB is committed to green building development projects, including solar clean power, energy saving and carbon reduction related green construction. The Group is actively integrating into China’s development, expanding the relevant industrial chain of the dual-carbon goal, and promoting the Group's green development.


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Accel Innovations Limited

Accel Innovations Limited (“AGT”) is an innovation and technology company established in recent years to complement the Group’s business upgrades. The Group has established a green building and IoT joint laboratory with a local university in Hong Kong to develop new green building materials. AGT enhance researches and develop solutions for green buildings that integrate energy conservation, carbon reduction, environmental protection, and air purification. The Group is keen to provide support in developing smart cities, IoT, and smart health and human resource management systems through big data. 


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